Meet the Team

articles FOR enthusiasts BY enthusiasts.

AlphaLuxe presents purist passions with integrity.
We care more about the car than the badge; we drink the wine, not the label.

Thomas Mao

Advisor & Head Purist

“Treat others as you want them to treat you.  But don’t be stupid about it.”

Thomas fell in love with design, intrinsic qualities, and the power of branding at the ripe old age of 6 when he wanted a pair of Adidas Dragons and his mother insisted on buying him K-Mart specials.  He has spent the rest of his life reconciling these contradictions, seeking perfection in an imperfect world.  Fast cars, beautifully bodied; fast lenses; but not fast timepieces continue to fascinate and inspire him, all part of an insatiable thirst for knowledge and profound wisdom which he knows he will never achieve but he will die trying.  Thomas also loves to share but hates hypocrisy and one way streets (unless they are for time trials).

Anthony Tsai

Founding Partner & General Manager

        “Always remember who helped you out.”       

Anthony first became interested in watches and cars while in college at Cornell University.  After graduating, he pursued a career on Wall Street as an institutional proprietary equity trader, of which he still continues to do for well over 2 decades, and bought his first luxury watch with his first paycheck.  He was General Manager on watch collector’s forum PuristSPro for over a decade, and co-founded TwinLuxe, a luxury men’s skincare line, with his twin brother.  He loves dining out and spending his time in Southern California, sharing fine wine with family and friends, and taking an occasional drive in a sports car to de-stress.  Passions include running and playing basketball to stay in shape.  Overall, a happy simple guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and tell you how it really is.

Melvyn Teillol-Foo (MTF)

Founding Partner

“The true cost of luxury is the choice that it affords.” 

Allegedly, as a child, Melvyn promised his mother that he would get her a Ferrari, which she reminded him about, on her 80th birthday, because she hadn’t received one yet!  He also pronounced he would never to buy a Rolex nor Mercedes-Benz because in his childhood neighbourhood, only pimps and drug dealers flaunted them.  When, he became a “drug dealer” (pharmaceutical industry), he had to get Mercedes-Benz as personal cars since 1999.  He blends his scientific medical objectivity from the pharmaceutical industry with purist passion, in his musings about watches, travel, wine, food and other epicurean delights. His travelogue ‘Lazing’ and feasting ‘Grazing’ series of articles have now passed into “mythic legend” on the original ‘’ website.  Melvyn was later CEO of PuristSPro horology website for a decade until 2018.

Charleston Silverman

Strategic Relationships Development

“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out. ” – George Bernard Shaw

Interested in everything that goes into design and engineering, Charleston began disassembling and reverse engineering everything he could get a hold of at an early age – from his first Nintendo Entertainment System to his first bicycle and many of his toys.  It reached to the point that his parents told him they would no longer buy him things if he kept taking them apart.  He was more interested in what made them work than actually playing with them.  Fast forward to adulthood, Charleston has the same fascination with engineering and design especially when it comes to automobiles.

Having owned and operated a digital media company, produced and directed content, and developed pipelines utilizing the latest technology for most of the biggest entertainment and tech companies, Charleston is driven by any opportunity to create, innovate and help others do the same.

Lance Abraham

Client Development Manager & Editorial Contributor

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde

Lance has been into cars for as long as he and his parents can remember.  He won the spelling bee in the 2nd grade, so he is an authentic Indian-American.  Since finishing college, Lance has owned over 40 different enthusiast cars.  He considers himself a generalist that dabbles in everything, researches heavily, and leans on experts for depth.  He favors good design and balanced performance over outright speed, but can be convinced to drive a fast ugly car.  When he’s not around automobiles, Lance enjoys serving his community, traveling, good food, and good people.

He can be found at @insidetherim and at @launchcontrolcars, where he hosts a car-centric podcast with his good friend Steve.

Daniel Nikkhoo

Industry Liason & Contributing Photographer

“An analog soul in a digital world.”

Daniel is a digital artist and photographer, whose passion is to convert what he sees through the camera lens into lasting images for others to collect and enjoy.  Trained in IT, Mechanical Engineering & Motorcycle Design, he uses all of these disciplines to hone his craft.  As a track enthusiast, he combines the thrill of the ride and automotive artistry for the drivers who rely on his creativity to fully capture the exhilarating experience.

Kevin Blasko

Automotive Writer

        “Fortune favors the bold.”       

KevinB is an auto enthusiast – a Mechanical Design Engineer by day, and serial side-hustler by night.  By age 4, he could spout the make and model of any passing vehicle, and by 12 he was an expert in the inner-workings of the internal combustion engine.  His love for all things motoring expanded into the two-wheeled world at age 17.  He currently owns a 2016 Mercedes AMG GT-S and a 2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R and has somehow managed to retain his driver’s license.  His passions outside the automotive world include road cycling and volleyball to stay in respectable shape, following the latest trends in health and nutrition, and taking long walks on the beach with his girlfriend and dog.

Ken Saito

Contributing Writer

“Don’t waste time doing things that don’t make you happy.”

Ken Saito is a Guest Writer specializing in Automobiles who resides in Japan.  With a B.A. majoring in Media Studies with minors in Asian Studies and History from Victoria University in New Zealand, Ken has contributed to motoring websites like DriveLive New Zealand, CarsOfTokyo (Japan), Jalopnik (USA) and Petrolicious (USA), as well as magazines like Lords Magazine (France) and Automobile (USA).

Ken may be one of the few people to have been ‘canyon carving’ in a Cadillac SUV against a Ferrari F40…

Michael Gallardo

Contributing Writer

“You can’t score points if you never take shots.”

Michael found interest in cars at around 6 years old.  Going to the drag strip to watch NHRA races and riding in his Dad’s beetle were the earliest memories that he can credit his passion to.  A year after high school, Michael bought his first car, a 1986 Porsche 944.  Ever since then, he has been switching it up and trying to experience all of the cars that he possibly can.  Interests include watching Formula 1, going to the shooting range, collecting watches, trying new places to eat, and playing an occasional round of golf.

Angela Ranieri

Contributing Writer

“I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth.”

Angela first became interested in beauty, fashion and fitness while in elementary school when Mom’s make-up and gowns were on hand to dress up in and “Get in Shape Girl” was the best exercise program on the planet.  After graduating Syracuse University, she pursued a career in Luxury Fashion in Marketing working with handbags – a passion for decades.  A change to the beauty world provided a full immersion in the land of self-care including opportunities to experience beauty innovation around the world.  She was a Corporate Trainer for over a decade and contributor for a number of television and magazine segments discussing and answering questions about the latest trends.  She loves to dine out and travel with friends and family and can be found walking aimlessly around New York City searching for the next “best thing.”  Running, skiing, doing yoga, playing with her son and dog, and spending time with her Husband are the best remedies to decompress.  Finding a great sale is a close second.

Ken Hokugo

Contributing Writer

“Buy the watchmaker/seller, not the watch.”

Ken is the only team member from Japan; but through his graduate school days and most of his professional career, he spent many years in New York where he got involved in PuristSPro.  Now that he has returned to Tokyo, where he grew up, he is the oddball in many aspects.  He wondered why Japanese watch fans had been so underserved and thought it would be his task to let the world know what was happening in Japan’s watch scene.  He currently makes a living by working for one of Japan’s large public pension funds as head of its hedge fund portfolio and Japanese corporate governance.  For his “day job”, he travels almost every month and visits boutiques, attend events, and meets up with fellow watch lovers.  For him, the ultimate joy and passion of this hobby are the relationships built around it.

Garett Pereda

Contributing Editor & Feature Columnist

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Garett Pereda became a petrolhead the moment the boost in his father’s 930 first threw him back in his seat – top down, UB40 blasting on the radio (cut his dad a break, it was the early 90s). He’s been chasing that rush ever since.  After graduating from NYU and Pepperdine Law School, Garett worked as an entertainment attorney at William Morris Endeavor before diving headlong into his life’s work – pursuing a career in television writing.  He is a proud member and union captain for the Writers Guild of America, having worked on shows for Netflix, Warner Bros., Blumhouse Productions, Ellen DeGeneres, Lawrence Bender, and others.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, step son, and their long-haired cat Kiku.

Xinzhu Li

Contributing Photographer

“Everything that kills me make me feel alive.”

Li grew up in a tourist city in China and then moved to Rochester, NY for high school.  From there, she discovered her passion for photography and decided to pursue her passion into a career.  She loves to travel, be surrounded by nature, and finds human culture makes her feel free.  Li wants her photos to elicit an emotional connection with her audience.

YongQuan Wang

Contributing Photographer

“Capture the emotion, catch the soul.”

The invention of the automobile was a blessing for YQ.  He found his passion for photography while working with these machines with unique souls.  With an engineering background from China, YQ majored in transportation design at ArtCenter College of Design where he has had the opportunities to approach those legendary in automotive history.

Camera is a wonderful tool for him to build up emotional interaction with cars.  Every story between a car and its owner is unique and attractive to him.  YQ always believes there is a great story behind every great car.

Daniel Gallardo


If you say ‘vroom vroom’ when you put your foot down you drive faster.  That is a scientific fact.” – Lewis Hamilton

Daniel first got into cars at the age of 12.  His older brother started to take him to Cars and Coffee Irvine where he then started to take photos with his phone.  Later on down the road, his brother bought him his first camera at the age of 13.  Daniel likes going on adventures to different places and trying new types of food. One day he hopes to own a 70’s Porsche 914/6.