Mabel Lam and Forbes Chung Exhibit at NIDO Asia

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3rd – 12th August 2018
Mabel Lam and Forbes Chung Art Exhibitions at NIDO Asia

Mabel Lam and Forbes Chung Exhibitions at NIDO Asia

NIDO announced: “NEW awesome exhibition coming up with Art, Energy, and 3D movie! This time, WE will co-operate with the Expert of flower bouquet, crystal and water painter!
You are invited to join the opening of the below exhibitions which held by mother (Mabel Lam) and son (Francis Chung) on 3rd Aug 2018 at 6pm.”


As befitting the Chinese hierarchical structure, Mabel Lam (mater) is exhibiting at NIDO Asia Gallery, 254 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

Just round the corner at a secondary location only 130m away, Forbes Francis Chung (son) shows his work.

The simultaneous opening ceremonies by invitation are at 6PM on 3rd August 2018.

Mabel Lam

Mabel Lam says: “Art may seems foreign to many?”

Mabel Lam

“While Art is not out of one’s reach, it is neither something at the end of one’s fingertips. It is so close, and yet so far; for it being emerged from heartfelt feelings that have always been resisted and buried by our rationalities. However, if we refused to unveil our deeper self, Art is merely making fuss about nothing! For me, waterlily has always been inside me; on top of which sits a buddha. As confusing as it sounds, I cannot put that in words, nor can I make sense of it — it is an ‘instinct’. Illustrating the waterlily that rooted within is what my hands born to do.”

Mabel Lam Art

Mabel Lam Art

Mabel Lam Art

Mabel Lam Art

Times: 03 – 12 August 2018; 10AM – 10PM
Address: Nido Asia, 254 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


Forbes Francis Chung

FORBES ART invitation

Chinese Ink is Forbes F. Chung’s favourite artistic medium.
Due to his unique and competent style, he has been regarded as a pioneer of Contemporary Chinese Abstract Expressionism.

Forbes F. Chung

Chung was born in 1994. From a young age, Chung suffered with dyslexia, lop-sidedness, clubfoot and spinal diseases. He projects his feelings on canvas in the forms of Chinese calligraphy and abstract colours.

FORBES City 29 Calligraphy

Through ink and paper, he presents his relativist philosophy against absolute rights and wrongs. He created a unique aesthetic language that defies worldly preconceptions, serving as a gateway to the metaphysical world.

FORBES City 30 Black Humour

“As the Buddhists put it, our every action starts from a conception. A concept is fundamentally neutral. In life, whenever we perceive and conceive we gradually build up a believe system, a set of preconceptions and prejudices. Holding on to certain believes encourages obsessive behaviours that lead us to pain.”


We should rid ourselves of these harmful preconceptions and return to the pure. To Chung, calligraphy is, and should be a pure form of mark making. The moment the brush is inked and raised, his mind enters a free roaming state – one that allows new ideas to freely manifest themselves. His calligraphic work takes on its own life: some are mirrored, others are deconstructed and reconstructed. Some serve as a form of cultural parody. It is refreshing to see Chinese characters reimagined through Chung’s lenses.


Times: 03 – 12 August 2018; 10AM – 10PM
Address: Ground Floor, 10 New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


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