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Raging Mechanics Tokyo Event – Five Elements for the Raging Mechanics Japan Launch

Roger Dubuis Japan: Dare to be Rare Party (photo by K.Hokugo)

Roger Dubuis is getting into high gear in Tokyo. The venue was a unique converted warehouse in Shinagawa like a scene from a Tokyo Drift video. At night, the warehouse district is almost unpopulated and provides a moody ambience. In the Edo period, Shinagawa-town was the first shukuba (accomodation town) in the “53 Stations of the Tōkaidō” that a traveller would reach after setting out from Nihombashi on the Tōkaidō highway from Edo to Kyoto.


Roger Dubuis Japan:_Dare to be Rare Venue

Outside Tokyo’s underground Terrada Space, the Lamborghini under the Roger Dubuis: Dare to be Rare sign was a portent of the event to come. The venue inside was decorated with a squadron of Lamborghinis.

Lamborghini AVENTADOR S ROADSTER (photo by K.Hokugo)

The guests represented watch journalists, life style magazine writers, “influencers”, fashion models, and other types of celebrities.




The food was created by a Japanese chef, flown in from Paris for this occasion – owner-chef of ‘Solas Paris’, Hiroki Yoshitake.


The theme of the new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S watches is the 5 Elements that were reflected in the dishes presented.


There were also food creations for Wind and Sky Elements.


Video: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Watches


Interview Ms. Dorothee Henrio, International Marketing Director of Roger Dubuis

Dorothee Henrio and ‘Sh0h’

AlphaLuxe (ALx): Could you please elaborate on the concept of this event?

Dorothee Henrio (DH): We have been partners with Lamborghini Squadra Corse for a year. It is a very successful “Powered by Raging Mechanics” partnership and we are holding the party tonight for the One-Year Anniversary.

Lamborghini AVENTADOR S ROADSTER (photo by K.Hokugo)

We have also launched a new model – Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S – with double sprung balances and differential. Incorporating the graphics of a V12 engine on the dial and the case is the same carbon material as for the body of a Lamborghini Aventador (C-SMC Carbon), which is very difficult to shape into a very light and tough watch case.

Today, we launched special editions of this Aventador S, inspired by the 5 elements in Japan: Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, and Wind.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Earth


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Sky


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Fire


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Water


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Wind

DH: We have also launched Japan’s special edition of the Excalibur Automatic Skeleton in white ceramic. Japan is a quite different market. We opened our boutique one and a half years ago in Ginza, and now have 18 points of sales. We have been here a long time and many Japanese are watch connoisseurs. That’s why we have to do something different.

Roger Dubuis Automatic Skeleton White Ceramic

ALx: With many brands associated with automobile brands, what are the biggest differences from your competitors?

DH: We have many calibers today: 32 calibers to be exact. They all have daring stories and are high-end calibers with rare availability.

ALx: I have loved Mr. Roger Dubuis’ watches for a very long time. His is a legendary figure for many. I understand that he recently passed away – a loss to the whole industry – what did he leave the brand?

DH: His passing is a tremendous loss. He made sure that this brand keeps his spirit, philosophy or DNA in the Manufacture. We will remain that way forever. He was not a classic type. He was a very advanced thinking watchmaker. I know that there are many of his fans in Japan. As you may know, his watches were all limited edition of 8 or 28 or at most, 88 pieces. We still keep his way in that regards, as well, going forward. Also, his designs were not only for men, but for women, too. He put a lot of effort into women’s watches, some of which you can see today.

ALx: Who are the attendees today?

DH: We have invited Press, influencers, celebrities and such. We have a three-day event. Today is the best day.  Tomorrow we will have clients’ dinner, and opera.

Roger Dubuis Japan’s Benjamin Petitjean with Japanese guests


Roger Dubuis’s Dorothee Henrio and Benjamin Petitjean with Guests


Roger Dubuis’s Dorothee Henrio and Benjamin Petitjean with Guests


Roger Dubuis’s Dorothee Henrio and Benjamin Petitjean with Guests


Roger Dubuis’s Dorothee Henrio with Guests

We have brought an Italian opera singer, who will sing later on the stage, and it gives some “Italian touch”. We always do things opposite to “boring”, always try to be “disruptive”. We wanted to surprise you tonight by the celebration of Excalibur Aventador S: 5 Elements Editions.

Opera Singer


Rapper ‘Sh0h’


AlphaLuxe Comment

Lamborghini Aventador S Elements — Water ©Lamborghini

In 2017, Lamborghini Squadra Corse celebrated its 50th anniversary in Tokyo by presenting the Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan: a limited series of five unique cars representing the five elements. The first is a dark blue version linked with water. Each is one-of-a-kind, rumoured to cost $860,000 each.

In 2018, Roger Dubuis joins with Lamborghini Squadra Corse in celebrating Japanese culture and its key values of respect and strength by also presenting five exhilarating watches also inspired by the five elements. The spirit of five unique cars reincarnated in five outstanding collectors’ timepieces.

What is the price of these Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Elements watches?  We can only speculate as a previous “regular” limited edition of 8 watches with orange highlights was $205,000; expect the Dare to be Rarer Elements edition to cost more…..

[Unless otherwise noted, all images are © Roger Dubuis Watches]


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