New Audi Q8 SUV Makes Debut

Melvyn Teillol-Foo


Audi Q8 Singleframe Octagonal Front Grille

5th June 2018:

  • This new Audi  flagship five-seat SUV with coupé styling made its world debut in China.
  • Along with design motifs from the original Audi quattro, the new Singleframe Octagonal Front Grille design is eye-catching.
  • Modern functions like touch operated screens and high-tech navigation are enveloped in a generous elegant interior.
  • The Audi Q8 is launching with a six-cylinder 50 TDI turbo-diesel engine with 286PS, capable of reaching 62mph in 6.3 seconds and a 144mph top speed.
  • The S-Line specification includes HD Matrix LED lights, 21-inch alloy wheels and sporty adaptive air suspension as standard.
  • Later, a high-end Vorsprung edition will be offered with additional goodies such as Valcona leather, dynamic all-wheel steering, 22-inch alloy wheels, head-up display and a full leather package as standard.
  • The Audi Q8 is manufactured at the Bratislava plant and will launched in summer 2018.

Audi Q8 Form and Function

Audi Q8 Coupe-style Roof Line

The coupe-style roof line makes it look much lower than its Q7 sibling. In reality, at 4,986 mm long, 1,995 mm wide and 1,705 mm high, the new Audi Q8 is 66 mm shorter, but 27 mm wider than the previous model. It offers ample space for five adults and the vital internal dimensions exceed that of direct competitors.

Short rear overhang

The immediate impression is of powerful dynamics with a distinctive front end. The short rear overhang and the huge 21-inch wheels complete the picture.

Rear Luggage Compartment

The luggage compartment holds 605 litres as a standard, which increases to 1,755 litres with the rear seats folded down. The key test is passed when two golf bags can easily fit in diagonally.

Audi Q8 zooming away

The tailgate is opened and closed electrically as standard. The electric luggage compartment cover is another convenience option. Guided on rails, it automatically retracts when the tailgate is opened and is extended again upon closing.

Rear Seats


Assistance Galore

Audi bundles the assistance systems into a total of four packages.

Tour Assist

Driver’s View

The Tour Assist package includes Adaptive Cruise Assist, providing longitudinal and lateral control in all speed ranges. It supports the driver with accelerating, braking, maintaining speed, keeping distance and in traffic jam situations. The system detects lane markings, roadside structures, vehicles in adjacent lanes and vehicles driving ahead. An advantage in tight traffic: the Audi Q8 automatically adapts its speed to the traffic situation, taking into account the speed limit.

Efficiency Assist is another component of the Tour package. It automatically adjusts to the current speed limit, reduces speed before corners, during turning and on roundabouts. In addition to the predictive information in the Audi virtual cockpit, the active accelerator pedal also provides haptic feedback. Together, they support economical driving. This results from the use of the MHEV recuperation and the intelligent selection of coasting or thrust, depending on the (predicted) events ahead.

Emergency assist is a safety-relevant system in the package. It detects, within system limits, whether the driver is inactive and accordingly provides a visual, acoustic and haptic warning. If this does not prompt a reaction, the system takes control of the Audi Q8 and automatically stops it in its own lane. This also activates the safety measures of Audi pre-sense and triggers an automatic emergency call.

City Traffic Assist

Dashboard Monitor Screens

Five systems provide safety in city traffic. Crossing Assist detects critical traffic crossing in front of the car, Audi Pre-sense 360° warns against vehicles approaching from the side, and Rear Cross Traffic Assist registers approaching vehicles during slow reversing, for example when coming out of a perpendicular parking space. Exit Warning and Lane Change Warning complete the package.

Park Plus Assist

Electronic Cocoon

The systems in the Park Plus Assist package, which will be added to the range later on, support the driver during maneuvering. Manoeuvring Assist counteracts imminent collisions with small steering impulses and independent braking to a standstill, for example when detecting pillars in a multi-story car park.

Kerb Warning protects against damaging the rims during parking. Several images from the surround cameras allow precise manoeuvring down to a centimetre and provide a view of crossing traffic and a detailed view of the wheels. The 3D view with freely selectable perspective is the highlight.

The package also includes the (remote) Parking Pilot, which independently steers the SUV into and out of a parking space while monitored by the driver. The driver can get out of the car beforehand and trigger the process using the myAudi app on their smartphone.

The Remote Garage Pilot offers a similar level of convenience. Thanks to the laser scanner, it can move very close to walls and other obstacles such as bicycles in a garage. It forms part of the Plus Assist package, which combines all three packages.

If the Q8 is used for towing, Trailer Assist provides support by automatically steering the vehicle and trailer combination when reversing. The driver conveniently sets the direction on the MMI touch display. The camera image shows the current and the desired reversing angle.

Audi also supplies Park Assist separately. This steers the Q8 independently into parallel parking and bay parking spaces – forwards or backwards. The driver only has to accelerate, select the gear and brake.

Night Vision Assist

Instruments and Displays

Night Vision Assist improves situations with difficult visibility during darkness by highlighting detected persons and larger animals in yellow in the Audi virtual cockpit.

Central Driver Assistance Controller

The driver’s electronic cocoon is evident as the Central Driver Assistance Controller – standard for the Q8 – permanently calculates a differentiated image of the environment. The required data is obtained – depending on the selected options – from up to five radar sensors, five cameras, twelve ultrasound sensors and the laser scanner. It uses these to calculate the signals for the actuating elements to provide best possible driver assistance.


AlphaLuxe Comment

You still need a human driver to operate the new Q8; thank goodness!!!



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