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Melvyn Teillol-Foo


EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar

1st March 2018

Today is te first day of Spring according to the meteorological calendar. It is also the day that wine storage maker, Eurocave, officially launched Royale, their best wine cabinet. Chockful with patented technology and well honed design features, this first-of-its kind unit is touted as “the best wine maturing cabinet in the world”. In the U.S., the EuroCave Royale is Exclusively Available from Wine Enthusiast  .

For 40 years, EuroCave has been devoted to the research and development of best-in-class wine storage solutions. Their 500 models of wine cabinets, storage systems, cellar conditioners and cigar humidors are manufactured in France, in a small town called Fourmies, in Nord, the brand’s historic birthplace. They proudly use the ‘Origine France’ label.

Pascal Marchand (President of the EuroCave Group) said: “Royale is the result of a desire to excel in our work. In France, we talk about wine maturing but also “élevage”. I think this is the best word to describe the immense obligation that we have in our profession. i.e., doing everything we can to nurture the wine in this crucial development stage of its life. To date, EuroCave has accumulated over 40 years of expertise in wine storage. We have devoted all of these years to developing and improving our products. To do so, we have formed research agreements with many university laboratories highly specialized in the areas of physical chemistry applied to wine, mechanical vibration, thermodynamics, air treatment and even measuring electromagnetic waves.
In this way, we have accumulated exceptional knowledge in our sole area of expertise: storing both open and closed bottles of wine. This is how, quite naturally, the idea of producing the best wine cabinet in the world formed in our minds. We had this unique knowledge which allowed us to design it. We created Royale for you, passionate collector, with the desire to offer the ultimate conditions for your wine collection.”

The Details

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar Kitchen

Up to 122 traditional Bordeaux bottles or up to 50 magnums.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar humidity regulation tank

Autonomous Humidity Control:
EuroCave produces the only cellars with Humidity Control and the Royale can hold 70% humidity constantly and automatically with its patented Hygrocontrol System.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar Display

Unparalleled Temperature Control:
Royale holds a perfect 53.6°F (12°C) with a maximum fluctuation of +/- 0.5°F (+/- 0.3°C) automatically. It’s claimed to be the only wine cabinet capable of this quality temperature precision to-date. The temperature is fixed at 12°C being the optimum for wine maturation.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar charcoal filter

Controlled Air Quality:
Your wine can never be tainted by the air quality in the Royale. Thanks to a new generation of charcoal filters, the air quality in the Royale is actually cleaner than the surrounding air.

Limited Vibrations:
Every detail of Royale has been designed to reduce vibration including an isolated compressor, absorbent feet and floating shelves.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar vibration control

Triple Glazed Door:
Wines housed inside the Royale are protected from 99% of UV rays and oxidation, thanks to a triple glazed door and use of argon gas between the glass.

Innovative Design:

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar numbered

Each unit is authentic and unique with its own number, independent adjustable LED lighting on each shelf and a selection of decorative panels inspired by the wine stored within it.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar shelves

Decorative colour choices are Red Earth or Mineral Grey that directly echo the mineral colours and textures of the chalky, sandy soil in which the vines grow.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar Backside

The back of the cabinet is also attractive thus allowing it to be placed anywhere, even in the centre of a room.

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar lock

You have the keys to your own cellar but with great power come great responsibility! There are sensors galore to tell you whether temperature and humidity are optimum, doors accidentally open, and charcoal filters need changing.

Royale, a very high quality and technically-advanced cabinet, is built to last.  As a brand that is keen to offer durable products and peace of mind for its customers, EuroCave offers a ten year guarantee.

U.S. Availability

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar Living Room

Each unit is made to order with white glove delivery included for $13,995 and Exclusively Available from Wine Enthusiast in the United States, the EuroCave Royale offers a wine storage experience far beyond any other.

Or you can call Wine Enthusiast storage consultants in the U.S. on telephone (800) 345-9463.

Many delivery companies claim “white-glove deliveries.” I expect such service involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing the item into the home. A true white-glove delivery is about the consumer feeling that the level of service exceeds expectations. it should include unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials and transporting your item up or down at least two flights of stairs.

“Simply put, Royale represents the absolute best wine storage solution in the world,” stated Adam Strum (Co-Founder & Chairman of Wine Enthusiast Catalog). “This newest release from the incredibly talented team of engineers and researchers at EuroCave represents the ultimate manifestation of quality wine aging capabilities. Wine Enthusiast has always been the number one provider of wine storage in the United States and this new addition to our offering will be the crown jewel of our portfolio.”

Rest-of-the-World Availability

Please consult EuroCave [CLICK] for your regional supplier

AlphaLuxe Comment

Buying a wine fridge is driven by the desire for drinking wine at the perfect temperature.

Conversely, buying a wine cellar cabinet expresses the desire to pass on a heritage and passion for wine to the next generation. To this end, a EuroCave Royale is that ultimate expression.


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