Lamborghini Bodyfriend Massage Chair Agreement

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Los Angeles, 8th December 2017

Lamborghini Bodyfriend Massage Chair Agreement_Aventar

Bodyfriend, the highest grossing massage chair company in the world, and Automobili Lamborghini announced a four-year partnership deal. The agreement between the health and wellness market leader and the luxury supercar maker will enable Korea-based Bodyfriend to combine the health benefits of massage chairs with the powerful and luxurious spirit and design of one of the most-recognized supercar brands in the world.

Bodyfriend Massage Chairs

Bodyfriend considers their chairs as health devices, with a team of R&D doctors to target massages on pressure points like acupuncture. The new chair will also scan your body, measure your weight, and monitor your stress levels.

Phantom massage chair black

Old folk can send their heart rates to their worried children.

Bodyfriend works with Seoul National University to develop diet programs to accompany the chair. Can we assume the chair’s App monitors your weight gain?

Bodyfriend Aventar massage chair

The chair even has a zero-gravity position, claimed to be ideal for sleeping, as it takes weight off the back.

The new Lamborghini-inspired products are completely unlike previous chairs from Ferrari and Elysium featured on AlphaLuxe.

Lamborghini Bodyfriend Massage Chair Agreement

Park Sang-Hyun, CEO at Bodyfriend and Automobili Lamborghini’s CEO Stefano Domenicali reached an agreement and signed a four-year licensing contract at Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The licensing deal gives Bodyfriend exclusive rights over Lamborghini’s branding on massage chairs until the end of 2021. As a result of the agreement, the first Lamborghini massage chair is expected to be launched by the end of spring 2018.

Rex-L massage chair white/red

The Aventar will cost even more than the current Rex-L ($8,000) although prices have not yet been announced. You’ll be able to personalised your massage programs in addition to the 25 presets. With Bluetooth speakers, it can enhance your VR sessions by tilting and vibrating in synchronisation with your video or game.

Lamborghini Bodyfriend Massage Chair Agreement_Aventar chair

“This collaboration with Lamborghini is a new opportunity for both companies. We are very proud to be associated with our new partners in Italy,” said Park. “Collaborating with the team known for creating some of the most iconic designs in the car industry will help us expand the global market and change the perspective of Americans about massage chairs. Great innovation is born where design and functionality work hand in hand without compromise. This is what Lamborghini is for us, and this is what we will implement in our future supercar-inspired massage chair products.”

AlphaLuxe Outlook

Pharoah S massage chair gold

Bodyfriend massage chairs look sexier and hi-tech compared with products from the former market leader OSIM. With the Lamborghini collaboration, it’s looking good. The new product is more likely to start shipping during the second quarter of 2018. Earlier this year Bodyfriend opened two stores in Los Angeles and is planning to open an additional 140 stores throughout the US in the next three years.

Founded in 2007, BODYFRIEND is the world’s leading health and wellness technology company. BODYFRIEND has received numerous awards for their design including the iF Design Award for Innovative Design and the Red Dot Award. The company has grown to reach sales of $360 million in 2016 and expectations to top over $500 million in 2017. The deal is also another step towards Bodyfriend’s goals of reaching $1 billion in yearly sales by 2021.



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