Montblanc Pen Homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Taking Flight with a Great Literary Hero

Montblanc has been honouring distinguished writers and literary icons since 1992. Who can forget the pens in tribute to Hemingway, Agatha Christie and Wilde? My favourite was the fountain and ballpoint set for Marcel Proust in 1999; I still have them in my collection.

The 26th Montblanc Writers Edition pens celebrate the life and legacy of the great French author and aviator Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, Vicomte de Saint-Exupéry (1900 – 1944), author of notable works including Night Flight, Terre des Hommes and Flight to Arras. He is best remembered for his novella ‘Le Petit Prince’, one of the bestselling children’s books and most translated works in the world. As a commercial and fighter pilot in the French Air Force during World War II, Saint-Exupéry’s works are filled with adventure, danger and courage seen through a poet’s eyes.

Montblanc Antoine Saint-Exupéry Limited Edition Pens ($ 730 – 935)

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery family

Available as a Fountain Pen ($935), Roller Ball ($785), Ballpoint Pen ($730) and Mechanical Pencil (only as part of a set), the limited edition of 1931 refers to the year that the author earned international acclaim for Night Flight.

Montblanc Antoine Saint-Exupery Fountain Pen

The design of the Writers Edition Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Limited Edition was inspired by ‘Night Flight’, his famous novel based on his experiences as an airmail pilot. The shape of the writing instrument evokes his Caudron Simoun aircraft with engravings on the Night Blue ‘precious’ resin barrel and cap representing the rivets.

For the first time on a Montblanc writing instrument, Super-Luminova® was applied under the emblem in mother-of-pearl that gives it a glowing effect, just like the view of earth from the night sky in Night Flight or the illuminated instruments inside the pilot’s cockpit.


Montblanc Antoine Saint-Exupéry Limited Edition 1931 Pen $3,860

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery Limited Edition 1931

The “vintage” coating gives the pen a 1930s brass feel. Platinum-coated cockpit window fittings on the cap were inspired by the cockpit of his plane, where he spent hours alone on long flights contemplating life.

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery Limited Edition 1931

The engraving on the cap is one of his self-portraits and his signature, while his drawing for “Le Petit Prince” inspires the engraving on the barrel. The metal plate on the cap recalls the well-known Saint-Exupéry bracelet found after his plane mysteriously crashed into the sea.

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery Limited Edition 1931

As a nod to his nomadic existence and extensive travels, the geographic position of important cities in Saint-Exupéry’s life are finely engraved on the cone.

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery Limited Edition 1931 nib

The delicate star engraving on the platinum-coated 18K solid gold bi-colour nib is a reference to the illustrated star from the tale of The Little Prince.

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery Limited Edition 1931


Ink ($43)

Montblanc Antoine St Exupery ink

To coincide with the launch of the Writers Edition Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Limited Edition, Montblanc has created a new ink inspired by the colour of desert at sunset. The choice of colour evokes the author’s fascination with the expansive beauty of the desert, after he and his mechanic crashed in the Sahara desert in 1935 and spent four days wandering in the dunes before being rescued. The ink is available in a glass bottle or as Rollerball and Ballpoint Refills.



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