Brioni — “I ate his liver with some fava beans…”

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Brioni and Hannibal Lector

Sir Anthony Hopkins C.B.E.

NEW YORK, 29 July 2017 — Italian menswear couture house Brioni reveal their new Fall collection and advertising campaign starring Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.


Sir Anthony Hopkins C.B.E.

Brioni Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was shot by LA photographer Gregory Harris as black and white images leveraging Sir Hopkins; “with his unwavering look and magnetic charisma”.

Sir Anthony Hopkins C.B.E.

Sir Anthony was seen in clothes from the AW17 collection and his own personal wardrobe to highlight Brioni tailoring expertise. As usual, there is prominent use of the iconic tagline: “Tailoring Legends since 1945” — when the company was founded in Rome.

Sir Anthony Hopkins C.B.E.

Considered one of the most prolific and versatile actors of our time, Sir Hopkins’ career has encompassed highly acclaimed appearances on stage, film and television for close to five decades. His slew of iconic performances, diverse awards and elegant nature attest him as the ultimate aspiration for the Brioni man.

Tailoring Legends since 1945

The same photographer captured images of Samuel L. Jackson for the brand’s Spring 2017 ads.

Samuel L. Jackson


Of course, who could forget the Brioni suits worn by James Bond in his iconic movies?

James Bond – Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan was for a time…Brioni Man.


James Bond – Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig carried on in Brioni suits.  We all remember the pummeling his Brioni tuxedo got in ‘Casino Royale’.



Brioni Man or Men come in many manly flavours!  🙂



Brioni suits pret-a-porter (of the rack) start from $5,000 for a simple single breasted 1-button 85% wool / 15% silk suit and upwards to $6,500 for a peaked-lapel tuxedo.

The top Brioni Vanquish II bespoke suit costs $43,000.

James Bond and Aston Martin DB5 (photo: United Artists Corporation)

These suits are made from the super-luxurious Vanquish II fabric produced by UK-based Dormeuil. It is a blend of the world’s softest fibres: Pashmina (cashmere wool), Royal Qiviuk, and Vicuña.

Qiviuk comes from a rare musk ox found in the Arctic. The animal is so rare its coat cannot be shorn — the precious fibres are gathered from what the animal naturally sheds.

Vicuña comes from a small camelid animal that produces small amounts of extremely fine wool that can only be shorn every three years.

Brioni’s master tailors used to have exclusive rights to produce Vanquish II garments because they did a deal with Dormeuil. Now, the fabric is available to a few more tailors. There is only enough fabric to create 150 pieces worldwide. There are 14 colour fabric swatches to choose from, with some featuring pinstripes in yellow-gold, white-gold, or platinum thread.


AlphaLuxe Comment

A gentleman should wear a good suit on three occasions: At his job interview, his wedding and most definitely…his funeral.

To whit, a Brioni suit would most definitely suit.


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