The new 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports – fastest luxury 4-seater on the market

Anthony Tsai

This week Bentley released its most powerful and fastest production car – the Bentley Continental Supersports – a luxury 2-door coupé, which seats 4 and powered by a 6.0L twin-turbo W12 engine pumping out 700 bhp, with a 0-60 mph of a mere 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 209 mph.  Currently the fastest luxury supercar with 4 seats!

Yes I know… the Tesla Model S P100D in “Ludicrous Speed” mode is technically the fastest non-limited edition production car on the market today with a 0-60 of a mind-boggling 2.5 seconds, but I don’t consider Tesla to be a true “luxury” car.  The interior still has much to be improved upon before I consider it to be on par with Bentley or Aston Martin interior quality.  It’s a luxury car but definitely not high-end luxury.

Bentley Continental Supersports first launched in 2009

Bentley released its first Continental Supersports in 2009 with a top speed of 204 mph, so we’ve been waiting for the 2nd generation refresh and here it is.  It’s quicker, lighter, and sexier.  You won’t be disappointed IMO.

21″ forged wheels & carbon fiber details everywhere

You get the Bentley all-wheel drive system, 21″ rims, and carbon fiber everywhere such as the front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts, rear wing, and bonnet vents.  Also dark-tint lamps & black-finished brightware complete the sporty design for a menacing look.

Interior-wise, this is Bentley’s first Continental GT with a 3-tone diamond-quilted interior.

Diamond-quilted 3-tone design

The Continental Supersports exhaust system has been redesigned to give you the notorious Bentley roar with crackling downshifts (watch video below – exhaust sound @ 8:30 into video).  Also available is an optional titanium exhaust system which shaves off 11 pounds of weight.

For the audiophile, your ears will love the Dirac Dimensions 8-speaker 440W stereo system or optional upgrade to a 11-speaker 900W Naim system.

If you like driving with the top down, the Continental Supersports will also be available in a soft-top convertible.  It’ll also be the fastest 4-seater convertible with a 0-60 slightly slower at 3.7 seconds, the same as my Ferrari FF.  And if it’s a little nippy while driving with the top down in the fall or winter, don’t fret as you can turn on the neck warmer feature.  Not bad for the sun-bathing lover eh?

For those who don’t like the rear spoiler, it’s an optional upgrade.

My wife and I were looking at the Bentley Continental GT3-R last year but we didn’t buy it because it was missing the 2-rear seats.  If we did, we’d definitely have buyer’s remorse after reading the news about this Continental Supersports.  Not only is this car faster than the GT3-R in 0-60 by 0.2 seconds, I would now be able to fit 2 more people in the back, a tremendous plus in my book since I have kids.  You also get an updated version of the torque vectoring system found on the Continental GT3-R.

Retail pricing for the Continental Supersports coupé is estimated to be almost $300k and $325k for the convertible.

Dying to get one?  Pre-register your interest on the Bentley website here to be the first in your posh neighborhood to ride in style with the fastest 4-seater on the market today.  I definitely will if 2017 is a great year for me!  I already have the wife’s approval too 🙂

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