Cheat Meal of the Week: McDougal’s Chicken Fingers & Wings in Hillsboro Village

Joe Doino

McDougal’s Chicken Fingers & Wings in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, TN

I can’t be the only one who’s had this happen to them.  A friend of mine texted me the other day as I was leaving the gym talking about how badly they wanted chicken fingers and fries.  As this person is also trying to stay as fit as possible (I’m really just trying to not become a Snorlax but god dammit, abs, I will meet you one day!),  I completely sympathized with him and his struggle.  Fast forward a few days and I’m cursing this prick out to myself because ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT SINCE IS EATING CHICKEN FINGERS AND FRIES.

Forget the band, Christmas presents for friends and family, forget workouts…  All the time I’m dreaming about when I can eat my cheat meal.  But REJOICE MY PEOPLE… for the day is upon us…

There’s only one place in town I can think of when I’m craving something like this – McDougal’s Chicken Fingers & Wings in Hillsboro Village.  I stumbled across this place a while back and brought my friends and family when they came down for the Giants/Titans game a couple years ago.  I try to stay away for the obvious reasons, but every now and then I just HAVE to indulge myself.

There’s no need to look at the menu.  I know what I want – a large basket.  It comes with 5 tenders, fries, a slice of Texas toast and a drink.  You also get your choice of 3 dipping sauces and I went with Original Buffalo, “Gold”, and their very own “McDougal’s Sauce” which they describe as “a creamy blend of tangy spices and just the right zing.”

I have no idea what’s in it, but damn.  The same goes for the “Gold”.  I feel they really stepped that one up a few notches, especially with the heat level since the last time I was there.

The Texas toast was simple, as it should be, and the tenders were great.

My favorite thing about McDougal’s is the fact that they never skimp on the size of their chicken.  I hate going somewhere and find that one of the fingers is the size of a nugget and it’s 90% breading.  That’s never the case here.  They always give you big heaping tenders cooked golden brown to perfection.  I rarely find myself adding any salt & pepper, so they definitely have their seasoning on point.

That goes for the fries as well.  I’m not sure of everything in their secret seasoning, but I know Lawry’s seasoned salt when I taste it.  And they’re not the pansy little shoestring fries either.  I hate those.  They make me feel like I’m eating a bag of Potato Stix.  Remember those?  Not McDougal’s fries, though.  These babies are solid and I believe they’re cut on site as well.

It’s always a bit of a struggle to finish a large basket; but if you know me, I’ll always power through, especially when it comes to food.  So if you’re just a giant kid, like me, head over to McDougal’s for some grown-up(ish) chicken fingers.  They’ve got 2-4-1 beers pretty much all the time; and before you head out the door, don’t forget to get a 2oz cup of free vanilla soft serve.  Again, simple, but a great way to top off the grease you just guzzled.

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I’m Joey, a New York drummer living in Nashville, playing with the band, Arc & Stones.

I LOVE FOOD! Right after college, I gained a lot of weight and hit a whopping 267 lbs. Terrified that I could hit 300 lbs before I hit 30 years, I decided to take control of the foods I was eating and started taking the fitness thing more seriously. I keep a very strict diet, making sure I hit my macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) each day. I hit the gym six days a week.

But once a week I cheat and treat myself. Food is one of my favorite things in life. This regime allows me to have my cheese-stuffed, deep-fried cake and eat it too. My column will focus on these indulgent treats.

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