Cheat Meal of the Week: Bagelicious & Crosby Pizza in NYC

Joe Doino

So the band headed back up north to New York and that means two things… I GET TO EAT MY 2 FAVORITE THINGS!  When people think of classic NYC breakfasts, they think of bagels.  I get it and I’m definitely a big fan of a bagel with a gigantic smear of cream cheese.  But for me, nothing beats a sausage, egg, and cheese (pronounced: sawsijeggincheez), double sausage with saltpepperketchup.  Yes.. all those things flow as if they’re one word.  Because if you don’t, you’re holding up the line and pissing people off.  Order your sandwich and get the hell out the way, tourist!


Double sausage egg cheese bagel sandwich with saltpepperketchup

When we tour the northeast, we usually stay with my parents’ who moved a few years ago to Thornwood, a 40-minute train ride from Grand Central.  Obviously after the move, I had to find the best place to get a breakfast sandwich.  After visiting most of the delis in town, I settled on a place called Sunshine Bagel.  After this last trip, I noticed they’ve changed their name to Bagelicious Café.  I know.. brutal.. BUT the calibre of sandwich remains.

Because I’ll always have my inner fat kid (while I try to rid myself of my outer fat kid) I get double sausage.  That makes, two eggs, two sausage patties and two slices of cheese while the whole thing is doused in saltpepperketchup.  I love it and nothing will replace that.  Also if you’re a true New Yorker, you’re well aware that the only way to wash it down is a with a giant 99¢ can of Arizona Iced Tea.


It’s quick, it’s delicious, it’s got everything you need to get you started in the morning, and nothing can top it.

The next thing everyone thinks of AND MY FAVORITE FOOD EVER is Pizza.  Yeah, I capitalized it.  That’s how important Pizza is to me.  When I’m back in town there’s only one place I really want to go.  I’ve been going to Crosby Pizza in the Bronx for as long as I can remember.


To me they have the perfect slices.  The crust is thin & crispy, the sauce is amazing and the cheese is outrageous.  They literally make the perfect pizza.  I went in and grabbed a pepperoni and a white slice with a side of sauce to dip the white in.



Everyone tells me that I’m an idiot for getting sauce because it defeats the purpose of getting a white slice… until they try it.  Then all of a sudden I’m a Pizza genius.  I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING PEOPLE!

As usual, the slices made me want to move into the storage room and become that weird guy that’s just there all the time and no one knows why.  Most pizzerias have that guy and after 28 years of eating pizza I’ve figured out why.


Perfect thin NYC pizza crust

The pepperoni slice was exactly how I remembered it.  The perfect slice completely covered in salty, greasy pepperoni, which after one bite you begin to ascend into the warm glow of the lord standing behind the pearly gates.  And St. Peter is standing there jealous as shit because God knew it was Crosby’s and we reminisced about how it’s the best while Pete just stood there never having experienced it… poor guy.


The white slice is something I’ve figured out isn’t well known to southerners.  It’s mozzarella, ricotta, garlic and a bit of oil. It’s super simple, heavy and exactly what I needed.  In a weird way it contrasts the pepperoni but having that little dipping side of sauce brings it home.


Pair those slices with an ice cold Coke and you have the best meal a transplant could ask for.

If you find yourself in the city with a bunch of time to kill.. take the 6 up to the Buhr Ave stop.  It’s a haul but it’s very very worth it.  Also my stepfather decided to invite the entire family over and throw a kickass Oktoberfest party.

Until net time people.. Cheers!!!




I’m Joey, a New York drummer living in Nashville, playing with the band, Arc & Stones.

I LOVE FOOD! Right after college, I gained a lot of weight and hit a whopping 267 lbs. Terrified that I could hit 300 lbs before I hit 30 years, I decided to take control of the foods I was eating and started taking the fitness thing more seriously. I keep a very strict diet, making sure I hit my macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) each day. I hit the gym six days a week.

But once a week I cheat and treat myself. Food is one of my favorite things in life. This regime allows me to have my cheese-stuffed, deep-fried cake and eat it too. My column will focus on these indulgent treats.

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