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Angela Ranieri
Whitney and Danielle

Whitney and Danielle

Sakara Life founders, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBois, known in the organic food biz as “Whitney and Danielle,” want you to feel sexy and confident while enjoying their innovative at home meal delivery plan. The Sakara Philosophy is simple: food is fuel, and it affects all aspects of your life. Being a Sakara Life client means she is eating clean, living clean and wanting, not having, to do so. When Sakara uses the term “clean”, they are referring to plant based, healing foods with purpose in your diet to help your body perform better. Weight loss, although often a side affect, is not the driving principle to this celebrity-approved lifestyle.

Sakara Life Philosophy

Sakara Life Philosophy

The principles of Sakara Life are simple yet cutting edge, in a food culture where fad diets, calorie counting, weighing and cutting out food groups altogether is the talk of the body conscious, fitness-forward set. Who didn’t feel sorry for the owners of bagel places when low carbohydrate diets were the talk of the world? Or the poor man at the ice cream parlour who suffered clientele loss because someone, somewhere, said that dairy was “bad.” Somehow, the bakery still always has a line, even though sugar gets a bad rep. But that is a different story, for a different day.

Sakara Life provides clients with meal delivery without calorie counting, protein that is derived from plants, one to three cups of greens with lunches and dinners, healthy fats, and get this: body intelligence.
The Sakara team gives advice on how to listen to your body for signals about how hungry you really are. They recommend putting the containers of food into dishes and sitting and eating uninterrupted, peacefully with no distractions. They recommend starting the day with hot water and lemon and taking a moment of gratitude. This is very intriguing and I am loving the idea.

I decided to try Sakara Life, to follow up on my last piece on AlphaLuxe about “juicing or chewing”. It became apparent via Facebook, that many of my readers are “Team Chew.” If you did not read my last article please do…but “Team Chew” prefers eating fruits and veggies instead of juicing or blending them. I decided to delve a little deeper into the raw, clean eating experience and given that Chrissy Teigen and Lena Dunham (yes…Victoria Secret Models) are fans, and look pretty good, I would try the Sakara Life program out.

Here is what happened:

I registered for Sakara Life at  their website and chose a three day meal delivery (they also offer 5-day). You can also choose a repeat subscription, but I was interested in trying, not necessarily committing to the program, so the trial seemed like a good starting point. Once you choose your program, you choose the meals you wish to have delivered. I loved this, because if you had dinner plans out, you did not have to order a “dinner.” The flexibility was key for me to stay with a program like this going forward. I chose Breakfast and Lunch. I have a tendency to miss a meal, so I figured two were fine for me and given my eating habits and time schedule, that was a good choice. You then choose a delivery time, in NYC, delivery is in the evening only and you pay for your food. It was an easy process that was followed with a confirmation e-mail of my order.

Home Delivery Pack

Home Delivery Pack

My food was delivered and included two bottles of Sakara Rose Water, with instructions to drink first thing in the morning. Rosewater is hydrating, so I looked forward to this morning boost. The bag also included Sakara Detox Tea Bags, for the evening. There were two breakfast and two lunch meals. Rations for the third day would be delivered two days later, for freshness.

Rose water

Rose water

The food was delicious.

Day 1:  Toasted Coconut Granola with Goddess Milk was delicious and just the right amount of “sweet and satisfying” after a workout. The milk is a Green blend of coconut for hydration and kale – a superfood! I ate this later in the morning, so I had my “lunch” for dinner and enjoyed a Mermaid’s Dream Salad, made with Seaweed and Wakame. The lid of the Mermaid Salad explained the benefits of the essential nutrients in seaweed as well as the thyroid balancing benefits of Wakame.

Day 2 provided a type of grain “bagel” (it was not really a bagel) with a cashew spread: that was pretty good. Whole grains in the morning are excellent sources for energy and cashews are an excellent source of vitamins E, K and B6. Lunch was a salad with a “burger” (it was not really a burger) made from lentils for calcium, Niacin and Vitamin K. I received my last bag and sadly, did not eat my breakfast. I was not home and did not have time, but I did enjoy the spin on grilled cheese and tomato soup; that was delicious but eaten quickly, due to my schedule.

Sakara Living

Sakara Living


I recommend trying this program, but warn that the plan is not cheap. One day of food, for first time clients is $99 for three meals. I advise visiting the Sakara Life website as a first step. You will find that the boutique offers nutritional items that you can order a’la carte that are more reasonbly priced and provide a way to implement some healthy eating into your lifestyle without breaking the bank. The website also offers food and cocktail recipes to try at home.

The experience has opened my eyes to the innovative ways to use plant food that are beyond just a salad.
Take some time today, just for you and check out Sakara Life, I think you will be glad you did.


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Angela Ranieri joins us as Contributing Editor with an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty and Digital Media. She has worked with PRADA USA Corp., Jurlique, Amore Pacific and the New York Daily News in management capacities including Marketing, Client Relations, Employee Relations and Training Management. She has authored and published the column, “Ask Angela,” featured on the Amore Pacific USA website. Her beauty advice has been featured in Shape and Fitness Magazines and CBS News.

She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Writing.
Angela also has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, her Market Research on the Electric Car was published for University use.

Angela is currently creator of Circuit Cosmetics, a Brand Ambassador for luxury beauty line, Patchology, an On Air Guest for QVC and blogger for

In her spare time you can find Angela running, spinning, practicing yoga or getting beautified. She resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her Husband, Son, and Chihuahuas.

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