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Angela Ranieri
Fall Fitness


There is certainly no shortage of fitness classes in New York City. From Flywheel to Physique 57 or Barry’s Bootcamp and Row House NYC, I’ve tried many of the boutique and large gym fitness classes around Manhattan.
I’ve been wondering what is on tap for Fall and reached out to some of my fitness trainer friends to find out what’s the ‘burn’ for the Fall season.  The buzzword for fitness this Fall is “efficiency.”

Laura Kovall

Laura Kovall

Laura Kovall, Owner/Founder The Fit Co NYC says, “Summer is often a season where people may have more flexible schedules and be more willing to try new workouts, or ones that may be less ‘intense’ since they have more time to workout. As we head into Fall and people start feeling the time-crunch again between work, school, holidays, I anticipate quick efficient workouts like those we have at The Fit Co will become more popular again.”

Fitness enthusiasts are experiencing efficiency in workouts ranging from the arm portion of a spin class to the overall body strength training at a row class: “every muscle – every stroke”.

Nikki Glor

Nikki Glor

Nikki Glor, Owner of Nikki Fitness says, “Efficiency is a great goal to save time, but an even better goal for your workout because it will make you better. If you’re sitting on a bike or elliptical for an hour, barely sweating while reading a magazine, well that’s a waste of time in the fitness world. Why not shorten your workout while making it harder and more efficient, which makes you a stronger, leaner athlete? Yes, you can call yourself an athlete, weekend warrior!”

So, what kind of workouts are we talking about?

Nikki incorporates upper and lower body strength training moves in her workout videos.  Do it from the comfort of your home.  You can be lunging your legs and curling your biceps at the same time, to work two muscle groups together and cut your workout time in half. “H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) and multitasking toning moves are two ways to make your cardio and strength workouts more efficient.” according to Nikki.

As fitness class offerings are becoming more saturated, studios are focusing on what they can add to the workout to maximize the effects of your efforts. Zumba® Step, which is Zumba, but with a step, is now being offered at gyms because the step will maximize your cardiovascular output.

Core Fusion Extreme, offered at Exhale® studios across the country combine high intensity and core strengthening moves to simultaneously strengthen and lengthen muscles while keeping your heart rate in the cardio zone.

Neil Totton

Neil Totton

Neil Totton, owner of NYC-based Totton Body Lab thinks that the VersaClimber, a total body conditioning and cardio workout will get more attention this fall, also because of the efficient workout it provides. Neil also makes a point that while working out to reach your goals you must understand that: “In both exercise and nutrition, the body will adapt quickly to that program, and so I like to mix things up.”



With all of this efficiency in the workout world, I’m anticipating fitness fiends will have a little free time and amazing shaped rears by Fall 2016.

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