Cheat Meal of the Week: Burger Republic in Nashville

Joe Doino

This week, as far as the gym goes, sucked. Something weird is going on with my shoulder and I don’t like it. My golfer’s elbow is acting up again too which is making pushing exercises annoying, but only the first rep… It doesn’t make much sense to me, but the body does weird shit sometimes. I mean sneezes… It doesn’t get much weirder than those. Strange stuff. Anyway, this week I had to pick up from Nashville’s Burger Republic, in the gulch, about 10 times and I just about had it with my car smelling like beef and tater tots and not eating any. So I got some for myself, finally. It was my first time and god DAMN is that place good.


Burger Republic’s Tennessee burger with truffle tator tots

I wasn’t entirely sure what to get, so I bounced some ideas off the bartender and ended up going with the Tennessee burger with a side of truffle tater tots. Yeah… TRUFFLE TATER TOTS!!!


The Tennessee burger comes with Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey glaze, cheese (I got American cuz I’m a man), smoked ketchup, maple basted Benton’s bacon, and Memphis spice dusted crispy onions. I don’t even know if drooling is the right word for that. The beef was very soft, pink, juicy and perfect. The onions were fried crispy, as was the bacon, and the cheese beautifully melted. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a better burger.

I went to Gabby’s a while back and everyone raves about them but honestly, Burger Republic leaves them in the dust. I will definitely go back to both places to find out. I couldn’t put the burger down. Not because it was messy (it wasn’t) but I just didn’t want to. I loved it. Pair that with the ungodly concoction of truffle tater tots and I was in heaven.

My favorite food of all time is pizza but I have to be honest, if that were my last meal on this earth, I’d be perfectly OK with that. Next time I go back, I gotta talk to the cooks to find out what their secret is. Maybe I’ll get a job there, gather my intel, and then quit. It’d be totally worth it.

After I clean the plate with my face, the bartender put another menu down. It was filled with a variety of milk shakes! I’m a full fledged chocoholic, so that’s what my sweet tooth was looking for. I wanted something to put the final nail in this food coma coffin, and it didn’t take me long to find it: the “ABC” shake.


ABC (Assassination By Chocolate) milk shake

Assassination By Chocolate. Perfect. Chocolate ice cream, milk, chocolate whipped cream with chocolate chips. You can definitely tell they use real everything, as well as full fat everything. Nothing was used with skim milk to make it healthy. They wanted flavor and they got it.


I couldn’t move. I actually had to sit for about 20 minutes before I got up to go to my car. I may need to work extra hard in the gym this week to counter this one but oh well. Zero regrets.


I’m going to be starting a different workout regimen as I’ve got a few weddings coming up. It’s on muscle and fitness and you can find it easily. It’s called the 100’s workout or something like that. It’s one of the toughest ones I’ve ever done but at the end, I was much leaner and my strength skyrocketed. I hit a bunch of PRs on bench, squat, deadlift and military press afterward. Give it a shot.

My band released a new single which you can hear on and is available for purchase pretty much everywhere. Again you can follow the band and myself on all social media: @arcandstones @joey_doino.   Say hi.

See you next week. I’m thinking either Thai or Mexican…


I’m Joey, a New York drummer living in Nashville, playing with the band, Arc & Stones.

I LOVE FOOD! Right after college, I gained a lot of weight and hit a whopping 267 lbs. Terrified that I could hit 300 lbs before I hit 30 years, I decided to take control of the foods I was eating and started taking the fitness thing more seriously. I keep a very strict diet, making sure I hit my macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) each day. I hit the gym six days a week.

But once a week I cheat and treat myself. Food is one of my favorite things in life. This regime allows me to have my cheese-stuffed, deep-fried cake and eat it too. My column will focus on these indulgent treats.

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