Can a $20,000 luxury mattress give you better sleep…and better sex?

Ping Tsai

Do you know what the best five minutes of every day is? It’s that moment after you’ve gone through your nocturnal self-grooming ritual and personalized wind-down process. It’s after all the last e-mails have been looked at and you’ve done a mental run-down of what’s necessary for the next day. You lower the curtain on the story of today and prepare your segue through the dreamscape gateway to tomorrow. With eager disrobement from barriers of clothing, commitment and expectation you slip bare skinned between the layers of silky sheets. As you pull them up to your chin, close your eyes and exhale, you feel the softness of the bed and give in to the visceral sense of rest. The weight of living seems to melt through the mattress and you are convinced that there couldn’t be anything more glorious in the world.

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They say that we spend on average about 33% of our lives sleeping. Compare that to the roughly 5% that we spend driving according to We indulge in luxury cars and driving experiences so why not the ultimate luxury sleep? Sure, cruising around in a Maserati can give you a nice ego boost and a healthy dose of self-esteem but how can it compare to a blissful 8-hours of shut-eye and relaxation? More importantly, let’s not forget the playful frolicking and mind-blowing sessions of lovemaking that are all too necessary in completing the circle of night time activities that satisfy the soul (okay, and the occasional evening with a good, sleep-inducing book).

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What does a luxury sleep experience entail and what are the necessary elements in order to deliver the ultimate pleasure inducing and sensual sleep? It doesn’t hurt to have waves of 1,000 thread count sheets caress your skin with every slight adjustment and roll of your body or succumb to delicious nakedness to feel them. Nor would it be excessive to have extra soft pillows, a cool room and a warm heart to take the other side of the bed. But with everything considered, an ideal sleep environment begins with a luxury mattress to float your body on.

Most people would consider a $5,000 mattress to be at the high end of luxury mattresses. However a $20,000 Vispring mattress completely surpasses that luxury standard in many ways. The fact that they are handmade in England using only raw steel and natural materials like cotton, wool, cashmere, alpaca, horse hair, mohair, bamboo and even coconut husk might appeal to you if you’re into the whole organic lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ll like the idea of exclusivity that the brand carries, as it is sold by only a few select U.S. retailers and has the endorsement of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, literally every night when they lie down. If it’s good enough for royalty then it should be more than good enough for the best sleep of your life.

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Even as attractive as these selling points sound, the Vispring still needs to deliver a pleasurable sleep experience in order to justify its ultra-high price tag. The discerning consumer, even those with deep pockets will want to know – What’s so special about a mattress that costs $20,000 and can it really give you more “luxury” than the run-of-the-mill luxury bed? You also can’t help but wonder, “Is there a chance it can improve my sex life?”

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Knowing for sure would require you to test the bed yourself. After all, sleep is a very personal thing and comfort needs to be gauged on an individual basis. The Vispring actually answers this call by providing dual tension mattresses so both you and your sleep partner can be comfortable and happy. Happy sleep partners are likely to make better lovers overall. The double spring construction might even be helpful during some of your more athletic maneuvers. Supposedly, the natural fibers allow you to sleep cooler which could be a welcomed feature after all that ‘hot activity’.

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In terms of sleep quality, I had the opportunity to test out a friend’s Vispring mattress to see whether it really was more restful and relaxing. When you first hoist yourself onto a Vispring bed, there’s a gentle but very noticeable spring which feels forgiving but strong at the same time. Lying down, the mattress feels very supportive to all parts of the body in a light way that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the skin. It’s almost as if your weight is lifted up rather than sunken down.

Reanimated from slumber, I felt rested but maybe that was because I was a little tired to begin with. I could tell, however, that it wasn’t as difficult to get up from the soporific state. My joints and muscles didn’t seem to have as hard a time disengaging from the sleep position. I draw a discrete veil over any extra-curricular activities with neither a confirmation nor denial. It was a very good start and definitely got me thinking of ways to spend more time on a Vispring….

$20K, or even $12K may seem like a lot to spend on a mattress that remains hidden in your private quarters, under layers of bedding. But if it is a better alternative for your skin compared to chemically and mechanically engineered materials and if it has a better way to accommodate the pressure felt on your body then maybe it deserves some consideration. If you can gain any enhancement in sexual pleasure from it then it deserves a lot of consideration but you will have to find that out for yourself….

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