World premiere of the new 2017 Porsche Panamera – Turbo & 4S models

Anthony Tsai

Today Porsche celebrated the world premiere of the new 2017 Porsche Panamera, it’s 2nd generation model.  It has sold 150,000 Panamera’s since its launch in 2009, so it was way overdue for the Panamera to get a new makeover.  Long gone are the days of this ugly duckling.  The Panamera has been hitting the gym and now has a new sexy body which will turn heads.


The most distinct change is the rear lights of the car – they’re slimmer, more sleek, and now have the similar design and look as on the updated Cayenne and new Macan.  The front of the car, along with the new headlights, makes this luxury sedan look a lot more like a 911 than ever before.



The interior has been updated to a more modern simplistic style.  Thank god for this refresh!  I’ve always thought the old console resembled an airplane cockpit with all the numerous buttons.  So kudos to the design team in simplifying the cockpit.  Well done Porsche.


The new Panamera will initially launch with only 2 models – the 550 hp Panamera Turbo (V8) and the 440 hp Panamera 4S (V6).  Both are twin-turbo models with a new 8-speed dual clutch transmission PDK 2.

Dealerships will get the 2017 Panamera in January 2017 – retail price on the 4S price is $99,990 and the Turbo is $146,900.


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